HORROR SYSTEM is an innovative toolkit that allows developers to create unique and original horror games in Unity3D.

HORROR SYSTEM is a powerful and flexible tool designed to create immersive third-person horror games based on the Unity3D engine.

This asset is easy to use and intuitive, which will allow developers of any level of experience to bring their ideas to life, creating games with high quality and an atmosphere of horror.


  • Player Controller
  • Camera Controller
  • Footstep Controller
  • Health Controller
  • Flashlight Controller


  • Flashlight
  • Battery
  • MedKit
  • Note
  • Key
  • Door
  • Switch
  • Closet Hide/Box Hide

Render pipeline

  • Built-in

You can purchase our asset only on the Unity Asset Store


VEXKAN is a team specializing in the development of high-quality assets for Unity3D. At the moment we are working on an asset - HORROR SYSTEM.